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Resumes are boring, so in 2013 I decided to experiment with blogging to improve my writing skills, to document my career and life experiences and to challenge myself to learn a new digital platform.

It has been three years since I graduated from UNC at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flager Business School. I’ve learned that the ‘real world’ is more challenging than any classroom assignment and that the workplace can be tricky to navigate with many unexpected road blocks.

  • In business, I’ve learned to trust my intuition but to always bring supportive data.
  • In human resources, I’ve learned to understand people.
  • In my first job, I’ve learned that people aren’t mind-readers and that being proactive is essential to success.
  • In life, I’ve learned that personal and professional goals go hand-in-hand.
  • Among other things…

Reflecting on the past three years, I’m grateful for the opportunities given to me and confident that my past experiences will play a critical role in my future achievements.

I’m a confident self-starter and constantly seeking growth opportunities. I gravitate towards positive energy, I see potential in everything and I believe new experiences grow the mind. 

Please connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or contact me directly!  




3 responses to “About me

  1. Hello there my friend. Thanks do much for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to returning to visit your own soon and learning a bit more about you?
    Kind Regards


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