The 3 Most Impactful SEO Tactics to Implement Today

Let’s talk about SEO.


What is SEO? It is the practice of optimizing your website so that search engines can read it efficiently and rank it appropriately, ultimately enhancing the user experience and allowing users to find your business.

The trick? Optimizing your website is not simple. I repeat: optimizing your website is NOT simple. It’s a daunting, complex task that requires SEO consulting and expertise.

So, you have an existing website and want to know which SEO tactics (since there are so many) will have the biggest impact in the least amount of time.

In short, here are three recommendations:

 1. Audit Existing Internal and External Links

Make sure that all of your internal and external links are pointing to valid content on your website. If your website has broken links, then you will need to fix them.

You can fix your broken links using any number of tools available on the web: Google Webmaster, Screaming frog, WordPress plugins, etc.  (A broken link is a link that doesn’t work because the page was deleted or removed.)

2. Implement On-Page SEO Tactics

Update your existing content to reflect your most recent target keywords. (Here’s a beginners guide to do keyword research). Link keywords in your website content or blog articles to other internal resources on your website. An anchor text is the highlighted, hyperlinked keyword.

In addition, sprinkle the keywords you identified throughout your title tags. You should create anchor text and title tags for every page, and if not every page, then focus on the highest value pages.

3. Practice Quality Link Building

It’s not easy and it’s not fast. Although link building is the most time-consuming SEO practice, it yields the largest SEO impact for your website and cannot be ignored. Link building is the exercise of obtaining external links that point to a page on your website. For instance, a link from an existing customer or vendor would be considered “link building.”

The more links pointing to a particular page, the higher it will rank in search engines.

There you have it! Three tips on the most impactful SEO tactics to implement today! Like what you read? Sign up to receive a monthly update!

Side note…

We’ve decided that there’s a mole in Google headquarters to whom you can surreptitiously pay a steep rate and, in return, they infiltrate the Google system, update the algorithm undetected and guarentee your website will rank #1 in the SERP for the keywords of your choice. I know a guy, who knows a guy, that may be able to help you out if you know what I mean.

Joke. If only it were that simple, dammit…



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