Top 5 Apps to Download Right Now

Nicole Sbarra, my kick-ass friend living in New York City, was an intern at Ogilvy Public Relations Intern and currently holds a position as the Manager for OPEN Forum Mobile Product Management at American Express. We studied at UNC at Chapel Hill together, and she always knows what’s up with the best apps on the market.


Anyways, I emailed her for recommendations. Her response with her recent favorite app is as follows. Note: this article may contain more than 5 recommendations.

I’ve been on a bit of a Content kick recently as I’m looking for some inspiration for the next iteration of our OPEN Forum app that I just re-designed. Download it and let me know what you think! Open this on your iPhone so you can download the apps directly.

1. Yahoo News Digest

This is my new favorite app, as Yahoo continues to amaze me. I love how seamless the experience is, the focus on UI (user interface) and interactions, and the fact that it gets delivered to me every day in the morning and evening, depending on my preferences (so when I’m on the way to/leaving work).

I would download it if you want to have a quick, easy way to read the news every day because it includes top 10 highlights from around the web. Also, if you’re not an expert on a story, it includes Wikipedia links below the article so that you can read more on the topic as well as a social feed from around the web.


2. Keep

This is my new go-to shopping app. It’s beautiful, also very easy to navigate, and has a great feed of content that you can purchase right from the app itself through one shopping cart.

Think Pinterest, but with the ability to easily add things to one cart, then checkout in one experience. The prices are included right on the descriptions so you don’t have to dig through the Internet for it! You can also “keep” things on boards if you just want to use the tool as inspiration.


3. Medium

While I don’t use this app every day, I really like what it stands for. is a site that aggregates a bunch of user-generated content, blog posts and stories by theme, topic, amount of time it will take you to read, etc.

On the desktop experience, you can highlight bits of content that you find interesting and Tweet it out or save it… but on the mobile app, Medium took a stance and said this app is solely for reading content. What I like about this is they de-coupled the experience a bit because they knew that mobile is the medium for easily glancing at content.


4. The Met App

Another app I respect because of the design and the interactions. I really love the spinning wheel at the top as a navigation type, and the focus on less copy, more images.

5. Google Apps

These deserve their own section because Google is killing it in every single app department.

6. Chrome

Okay, this is actually my bible, next to Google Apps and Gmail apps. I basically run all Google Apps on my iPhone when i feel that Apple has disappointed me with apps (which is basically all Apple created mobile apps).

The reason I love Chrome is if you remain logged in on Chrome on your browser, iPad, etc… you can just pick up exactly where you left off on other websites. Also, I just love Chrome.


7. Google Now

Borderline creepy, but I love it because it’s perfecting the art of making my life easier by learning things about me. It has stories based on things I like, time it will take me to get home from my current location or work, how much time I’ll need to leave in order to make my flight later tonight, etc.

It reads your gmail so if you’re creeped out about privacy, this isn’t a good app. But I also love the UI interactions of cards and swiping from left to right to remove cards that you don’t like.


8. Google Play News

It’s like Facebook paper, but by Google, so it’s amazing. Again, I like the functionality of being able to swipe between content types, topics, articles, and I respect that they used material design to build it. It’s very “Android-y” but also looks awesome on iOS.
Thank you for the recommendations, Nicole!
Source: Feature photo is not my own.

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