NoDa Brewing celebrates 3rd anniversary // #Charlotte

[September 2014] NoDa Brewery Co. celebrates their third anniversary this October!

Noda Brewing Co

Free brewery tours led by Chris Bazzle can best be described as animated and witty. Wearing a proud coat of “nerdiness” armor, Chris fully engages tour audiences by elaborating on the chemistry behind beer making to give listeners a full overview of the process.

Noda Brewing categorizes their beer based on flavor and percentage ABV. ABV is alcohol by volume, which is a standard measure of how much alcohol is in a beverage.

In 2005, the law changed from 6% ABV to 16% ABV allowing breweries to greatly expand their creativity.


NoDa Brewing conducts free brewery tours each day of the week: Monday – Friday at 6:00, Saturday at 5:00 and Sunday at 3:00. Tuesday through Sunday you can find food trucks parked outside offering tasty snacks for beer drinkers. Pets and children are allowed; leashes are recommended.

NoDa Brewing is owned by Todd and Suzie Ford. He was a pilot and she was in banking.

Be sure to check out NoDa Brewery’s Calendar for upcoming events! Draft beers from NoDa Brewing can by found at stations in the Banks of America stadium on game days. Go Panthers!


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