The future of #SEO

While digital marketing specialists and SEO firms race to catch up with changes made by engineers of the major search engines, a new SEO future looms.

Internet populatrity

Internet popularity will reign. Traditional SEO alone won’t cut it anymore. People want to read good content and people want the best of the good content.

Ever find yourself searching for something very specific and find what you’re really looking for on page 2 of Google, past all the paid marketing and irrelevant articles? Yeah, me too.

Future of SEO

The future of search engine optimization will be about real, relevant content written with authority. It will be about connecting with people and sparking digital conversations through blog comments, live Tweet-ups, Google Hangouts on Air, Instagram stories, photo essays, videos and more.

People like to hear about other’s experiences with a product or service. They want recommendations and opinions before they make a purchase.

Remember the videographer who quit her job because her boss only cared about quantity and number of views? 18+ million views later, it’s confirmed. It’s all about content.

Yes, the inbound links, keywords and tags still matter. Social media absolutely matters. But the focus has shifted.

Hire content strategists with a personality and/or PR professionals to promote your products or services. Hire a “people person” who understands your target audience. Hire these people because they are the connectors and influencers who will win you popularity on major search engines.

On your website, do you post referrals or customer reviews? Thought leadership blog posts? Recent press? Do you have social sharing icons? Do you connect daily with your clients or customers?

Read here for more information on the future of the SEO expert.


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