Gen Y Beach Weekend Essentials // #packinglist

Do not underestimate the power of packing light. Less is more.

For a weekend getaway to the coast, a small suitcase should suffice. In pictures below, view several beach-going essentials followed by a comprehensive and concise packing list.

DAY OUTFIT: Nautical stripes. Beach basket. Chucks. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Protect your skin! A friend of mine recommended this face sunscreen, and I’ll never buy anything else. It’s lightweight, oil-free and long-lasting.


ACCESSORIES: DIY denim shorts. A notebook for writing and a Kindle Fire for reading. Game of Thrones is my book of choice for July.


GOING OUT: Color-block dress, wedges, lip gloss, face wash and a very handy steamer.


TRAVEL NECESSITIES: First, the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is a fine powder and serves as both a cleanser and exfoliant. You are welcome TSA. Second, the my little steamer does wonders for wrinkled clothing.



1. Sunscreen, SPF 30 or more (Body + Face)

2. Two bathing suits

3. Beach cover-up

4. Flip-flops

5. Denim shorts

6. Cotton striped shirt

7. Dress

8. Wedges

9. Dermalogica face wash

10. My little steamer

11. Kindle fire + notebook

12. Beach bag

13. Hat

14. One pair of exercise clothes

15. Running shoes

16. Sleep T-shirt + shorts


St. Simons Island [from left to right: Gretchen Pearce, Morgan Corbett, Joy Dudley, Carolyn Browning]


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