5 things to do in Plaza Midwood // #Charlotte neighborhood

Visit this trendy side of town and immerse yourself in art and culture! These are my top five suggestions for things to do on a Saturday, assuming you’ve never been to this neighborhood before.

For more experienced adventurers, please lookout for another post that will apply to you.

Here are 5 things to do in Plaza Midwood:

1. Breakfast or brunch at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe! I recommend going early because the line is always long. Fortunately, while you wait, you can relax with a bloody mary, play games outside or people watch on this upbeat corner of Plaza Midwood. The lunch menu is hard to beat too.



2. Stop by the local Plaza Midwood Farmers market, 2007 Commonwealth Ave, located right outside the Common Market. Organic produce and fresh fish (literally 24 hours out of the ocean) for sale every Saturday 10am-1pm. [They sell fish skins for your pups.]plaza-midwood-farmers-market


3. Visit the Frockshop located on Central Avenue, a quaint vintage boutique teeming with quality vintage clothing, accessories and home furnishing. Super cute store on the edge of Plaza Midwood, definitely worth checking out!



4. Explore the NoDa area and tour the NoDa Tap Room at the NoDa Brewing Company! While you’re in the area, browse the eclectic shops on the main drag featuring local artists. If beer isn’t your thing, then sip a robust roast from the Smelly Cat.



5. Lastly, to end your Saturday afternoon, you absolutely MUST go to Amelie’s French Bakery for a decadent, sugary treat. The shabby chic furnishings, friendly staff and the proverbial glass-case of tarts, pies and sweets make for an uplifting atmosphere. Amelie’s has been so successful in Plaza Midwood, they’ve expanded into uptown, Rockhill and Atlanta. Support local businesses!amelie's-french-bakery


[These pictures were taken from the Google.com Image search and I do not claim them to be my own, with the exception of the Farmer’s Market photo.] Morgan Corbett | Charlotte, NC | career, style, travel


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