There are no problems, only solutions // #workplace

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Following my post on the 5 life skills needed to survive in the ‘real world,’ this article will explore problem solving. This article will give you tips for problem solving at work.

As you know, the world is teeming with problems: lack of water, pollution, health care, lack of skilled workers, you get the gist. On a smaller scale, businesses struggle with their own unique set of problems.

Companies hire people like you to move their organization forward through innovation. You still need to do your job, but you were not hired to be a robot on autopilot.

Innovation is simply the ability to see things that others may have missed, and it requires strong problem solving skills paired with a pinch of creativity. Problem solving fundamentals can be easily adapted and implemented.

Always start by asking yourself: “What is the problem that I’m trying to solve?”  For instance, you could begin by identifying areas in your current role that could be improved.

Brainstorm solutions. You’ll know when it’s a good idea because it will have foreseeable positive benefits, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, productivity boost, or maybe your idea brings new revenue streams and new markets, etc.

Next, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much will it cost and what’s my budget? [RESOURCES]
  • What’s the scope of the project? [SCOPE]
  • When do you want it to be complete? [TIME]

Weigh the costs and the benefits to determine if the idea is worth pursuing. If it is, then you’ll need to pitch this recommendation to the right people.

My next post will cover effective communication. Morgan Corbett | Charlotte, NC | career, style, travel


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