5 life skills needed to survive in the ‘real world’ // #career

IMG_0162balloons + GED

+ National Honors Society

+ Bachelor’s degree

+ Dean’s list

+ Public Service Scholar

+ President of club

+ Relevant internship experiences

+ First job upon graduation

Congratulations! You made it. You had the grades, the experience and maybe even the connections to land your first job.

You like your job, but sometimes it can be boring. And you’re ready for whatever is supposed to come next. You want to get promoted or you want new and exciting projects. Whatever it is, you will need senior leaders to notice you and your current boss to advocate for you.

YOUR job is to figure out what senior business leaders care about, how you can improve your organization’s success, and then do it. It can be a small improvement, or changing how your team works.

Learn how to survive in the ‘real world.’ This requires mastering 5 critical life skills…

  1. Problem solving – what needs to be improved and why? What’s the scope of the problem? What are you resources (cost)? Who can help? How long will it take?
  2. Effective communication – know how to sell an idea. All ideas are not good, but if you really believe in your idea, then you better know how to communicate it.
  3. Time management – Can you prioritize? What are the top ten items that you must finish today, and what can be done tomorrow?
  4. Work ethic – Can you do your entire to-do list today?
  5. Crisis management – When an unexpected event takes place that derails your perfect plan, how do you respond?

Master these five skills and you will be successful at any job. My next posts will explore each of these characteristics, starting with problem solving.

Morgan Corbett | Charlotte, NC | career, style, travel


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