I quit my job, now what?

IMG_3298_work If you have the luxury of living at home for a bit, or the option of crashing with friends, take them up on it.

Then, start networking. Who do you know in the city that you hope to live in next? Even if it’s a friend of a friend of a friend – get in touch with this person. The power of weak ties is strong and can open more doors than even your closest friends.

Reel in your spending and set a monthly budget because saving account dollars dry up quick. Crunch the numbers and figure out what you will spend on gas, car repairs, cell phone, going out to eat or drink, groceries, shopping, etc. Be realistic and minimize frivolous expenses.

You will need incoming cash flow, so find a short-term gig while you job search. Ideas include: babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting, valeting, contract work (look on Craigslist), etc.. How do you find these opportunities? Tell everyone you know what you are looking to do. Post on a neighborhood website. Search for neighborhood Facebook groups.

Get a routine going. If you exercise in the mornings, continue to exercise in the morning. Read the news. Get dressed.  Get out of the house, if that’s what it takes for you to be productive. Make a to-do list and create priorities.

Today, on page A2 of the WSJ, I read an article entitled “Lower job churn hurts young workers.” Read: new experiences are critical for career progression.

You’ve already taken the leap of faith that most people fear. Set yourself up for success and prepare for your next opportunity. Learn about the 5 life skills needed to survive in the ‘real world.’


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