Who will win? Pinterest or Flipboard

IMG_3421_packmac If Pinterest is an online scrapbook, then Flipboard is a lifestyle magazine. So, what’s the difference?

Quick news update: Several months ago, Flipboard users were allowed to create their own digital magazines (say a final goodbye print!). Most recently, the company expanded into e-commerce.

On November 11, Flipboard rolled out a new “shopping” section located in the content guide among sports, news, business and other sections. In this strategic move, timed appropriately with the approaching holiday season, retailers and other users can create their own catalog-like magazine. Essentially, users can “flip” any product from around the web and it’ll post right to the user’s magazine with a price tag attached. Sounds a lot like Pinterest, right?

Flipboard and Pinterest have a few similarities, but each have their own unique differences.


  • Users on both platforms can create categories (boards or magazines) to group their posts
  • Pinterest and Flipboard allow users to repost (“pin or “flip”) content from the web
  • To buy a product, the users must visit an external company’s website to get to the point of purchase
  • Users can share any post via email or on Twitter or Facebook


  • Flipboard creates an interactive experience by simulating ‘page turning’ to view more content, breaking down the content, smoothing the transition and making the information easily digestible
  • With Pinterest, you can see your subscribers; whereas, you cannot see your readers on Flipboard
  • Flipboard partnered with select retailers (eBay, Birchbox and Banana Republic to name a few), for the launch of the shopping categories, to create their own brand catalogs
  • Pinterest is more relevant in B2C, Flipboard is relevant for both B2C and also B2B

How will you use these platforms? Comment below.


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