The next best social networking site, Nextdoor

Picnic in Forsyth Park Why do I need to join another social networking website? I already have an account for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Snapchat, Waze and the list goes on. A new social network, Nextdoor, may be the next best thing, and I will tell you why.

If you are a recent college graduate, like me, you most likely took a new job in a new city away from home. Or, if you are older, then hopefully you can relate to a similar experience. No one tells you this, so I will: your early twenties are really, really hard. (Read the complete list of 20 things no one tells you about your 20s here. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are especially pertinent.)

Moving to a new city, without a nearby support system of family and friends, can make living on your own for the first time difficult. In a new city, outside of work hours, you must find friends, a hairstylist, a primary care physician, a dentist, a movie theater, a Chinese takeout restaurant, a car repair shop, a gym, etc. Unless you have the time and money for trial and error, these things can be hard to come by on your own.

Nextdoor allows people to connect to their neighbors and can facilitate genuine conversations. You can find recommendations, notify neighbors of crime in the area, or post about lost/found pets. Not only could it provide helpful insight into your local community, you could make new friends. Theoretically, Nextdoor will connect everyone to everything that matters near where you live, ultimately bringing your neighborhood closer together.

Founded two years ago, the San Francisco-based company recently received another round of funding and is now valued at $500 million. This company has a lot of potential, and I predict future success.

After growing its user base, Nextdoor will sell ad space to local vendors or to national companies targeting specific groups and demographics. “Market research firm Borrell Associates predicts that U.S. local digital advertising will reach $24.5 billion this year for a 25% share of total local ad budgets.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all publicly traded now. Will Nextdoor be next? Social networks are only as good as the users. I’ve signed up for Nextdoor and have already set up an account, outlined my neighborhood and invited a few friends.  I hope to grow my private, neighborhood network!

I’ll keep you posted. Join Nextdoor.


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